Individual Advising

Our advising center provides private and confidential advising by appointment only.  Students or parents seeking to make an appointment should contact us with their requested time and date.  Advising appointments are available during week days.  Your personal adviser will help you understand the US system of higher education, show you the many types of colleges and universities on offer, help you select a short list of schools to apply to and assist you through the application process.  Follow on services and advising will cover information about housing, financial aid and scholarships and student visas.

  • Each 1/2 hour advising session is S$58.00 PLUS 7% GST

Essay Services

USEIC advisers can help you with the essay portion of your US university application.  We can help you to brainstorm ideas, suggest appropriate essay topics (and how to avoid controversial ones) and offer direction for essay topics. We can also suggest grammar and stylistic changes that you may want to make.

  • Essay assistance fee is S$188.00 PLUS GST for the first college or university using the Common Application form (includes all short and long essays and one supplemental essay)
  • S$88.00 PLUS GST will be charged for additional applications and for additional supplements

Document Certification

Do not send original documents (your MOE certificates) to any US institution. 

USEIC can certify as a "true copy" your school certificates.  These "certified true copies" are accepted by most US universities as original school documents.  Your documents will be stamped and sealed in a secure envelope.  This envelope can be handed back to you or sent by regular mail service to the institution(s) of your choice. 

  • S$10.00 PLUS GST per page
  • Large batches of certified true copies (over 12 pages) will be offered a 10% discount

Express Courier Services

For secure, traceable and express delivery of your admissions documents to the US. 

  •  S$125.00 PLUS GST per envelope.

Test Invigilation (Proctoring)

USEIC provides full test proctoring services to US and Canadian university students as well as for professionals who are seeking assistance with professional credential certification exams.  We can offer test proctoring and administration for web based, computer based, and paper and pencil exams.

  • For a standard two hour exam the test proctoring fee is S$168.00 PLUS GST.
  • Each additional one-half hour incurs S$58.00 PLUS GST.

The test fee includes returning the exam to the point of origin by standard mail service, fax, or scanned email attachment.

  • Express courier service costs S$125.00 PLUS GST.


Payment can be made using SGD checks, on-site internet banking, and credit/debit card (VISA, Mastercard).  

Credit and debit cards incur a 2.8% surcharge.