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School Visits

Our advisers will visit your school to attend your careers and further education day events. Brochures and hand outs will be provided during the event. 

Speakers are available for short presentations on "Study in the USA."  This is a brief and informative introduction to the US system of higher education, the types of institutions available, and the application process and timetable.  The power point presentation can be modified for a duration of  20 to 45 minutes.  Short videos may be screened (if time allows.)

  • The above are offered to schools free of charge. Please notify us at least one month prior to your event to avoid disappointment.

Speed Advising

Our advisers can take away some of the heavy-lifting from your staff.  We will come to your campus to provide short, concise, and accurate advising sessions to your students. These one-by-one sessions have a duration of 15 minutes per person, during which your students can ask basic questions about choosing a college or university, the options available to them, and the application process.  Your school will book the student appointments and keep a steady flow of students ready to sit for their sessions with the adviser.  Students complete a short questionnaire before the session which will give our adviser a head start on each individual advising session of 15 minutes. You decide how many hours of advising are needed for your school.  We will make every effort to meet the dates and times that are best for your students.  Our office will invoice the school directly after the conclusion of the advising cycle that you have selected.

  • S$188.00 for a two-hour block of advising services (8 students).

Application Essay Writing Workshop

USEIC offers an essay writing workshop to students who seek information and assistance with their essays. Our advisers will discuss stylistic options, selection of topics (and those to avoid!), grammar, and spelling.  Each workshop consists of two equal sessions of 1.5 hours each session.  Students will send a sample essay to the adviser who will vet through and offer individual comments and suggestions (one time) at the conclusion of the workshop.  Information covered will include US university applications and the UK UCAS application.

  • S$2,000 per four-hour workshop. Maximum 100 students per workshop.

Teacher Training Workshop

Our advisers can train your teachers and guidance officers to assist your students through the US university application process.  The programs begins with coverage of the US system of higher education and the liberal arts style of education that all US universities offer. Information covered will include a presentation about the Common Application Form, the components of a US university application, obtaining a CEEB code for the SAT test, documents needed from your school, counselor letters and teacher letters of recommendation. A discussion of the ACT test and the SAT test will be included.

  • S$350.00 for a two-hour workshop